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Just As MLB Negotiations Seem To Be Ramping Up, Jeff Passan Got His Goddamn Twitter Hacked By Some NFT Pushers

Tell me if you've heard this one before, but there seems to be optimism about the MLB owners and players coming to an agreement with only a few hurdles left that definitely won't get bigger or further apart! Okay, I started to get a little sassy at the end of that sentence because all the bullshit of the last couple of years has worn me down not to mention that people are listening to BOB NIGHTENGALE as their main source for when the lockout may end despite his entire brand being wrong about literally every piece of news he breaks because they were desperate for some sort of good news.

Anyway, there are only a few people on Twitter that I can truly trust when it comes to breaking news. Rapsheet and Schefty run the NFL, Woj and Shams for the NBA, and Jeff Passan has pretty much become the king of MLB #scoops in that when he says it, it's official. However, while the old guard in Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal were out planting seeds of optimism, I went to check what Jeff Passan had to say on it and I noticed his feed looking sliiiightly different.

This feels like bad juju for Major League Baseball, but I gotta tip my cap to whoever hacked Passan for bringing sports Twitter hijinks to the future. Back in the day when big sports news was popping off, you had trolls like Uncle Chaps popping out fake news as a fake Ian Rapaport or someone would actually hack a blue checkmark's account before saying some sort of horrid or racist shit. Now you can try to make a quick penny by promoting your NFTs through retweets. If only Major League Baseball was this forward thinking, there would be no lockout because the owners would be like 10x richer. Okay, those greedy fucks would definitely still have done the lockout but it may have been over by now.

Even the way they hijacked Passan's profile was a masterclass. Changing his avi, header, and name but keeping the bio the same outside of adding NFT Enthusiast in front. If the future of the sport of baseball wasn't the biggest story on the planet, I would've thought Passan took his big ESPN paycheck and went digital on all our asses by selling skull cartoons. To be honest, there may be more of a future doing that than covering baseball at the rate these negotiations are pissing off the paying customers.

Anyway, you can add MLB's number 1 Twitter insider getting hacked and flipping NFTs instead of breaking news to the list of stories from this stupid ass lockout. I'll buy an NFT from these assholes if they can just figure out a way to bring baseball back by lunch. I'll also have to learn how to buy an NFT using crypto, which will take about as long as the lockout has been. But I just want baseball back in my life.

P.S. If these hackers are serious about selling their NFTs, they should just tweet Lockout Over! The Owners And Players Have Agreed To Terms. Full Details Below with a fake ESPN link that sent you to a place to buy their NFTs. At least that's what my friend would've done…