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Carson Wentz's Time With The Colts Went So Well, Frank Reich Reportedly Apologized To Jim Irsay After The Season For Saying He Could Resurrect Wentz's Career

There is nothing worse than having to apologize to your boss. Your parents? Your spouse? Your kids? Easy work compared to apologizing to the person that signs your checks. Because once you admit you were not only wrong but so wrong you had to say sorry, everything you say carries a little less weight and as the seat your ass is sitting on gets a little hotter. I would have to mistakenly kill someone at Barstool or cost the company millions of dollars to apologize to Portnoy because I know saying the S word will probably hurt me more down the road than anything else.

I know most fans of the Washington Commanders Football Team have spinzoned themselves into believing in Carson Wentz now that the other 31 fanbases have stopped piling on them with every joke they could think of. But I'm gonna say the guy responsible for bringing out BY FAR the best season in Carson Wentz's career apologizing to his boss for saying he could bring back MVP Candidate Wentz and instead getting 4.3 QBR In A Must Win Game Vs. The Jaguars Wentz is a bad thing. Especially since quotes like this are floating around.


YIKES. We got to the point where even Smitty was throwing stones at Wentz after defending him to the death against the King Of Philly, Dave Portnoy.

The only bright side in all this is that I'm pretty sure if you apologize to Jim Irsay, he'll accept it, quote some old Eagles song, then dip into his bag of fun and have himself a hell of a night with you.