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A Billy Joel Biopic Is Being Made Without Billy Joel's Involvement So I Will Not Be Watching A Lick Of It

Variety- A Billy Joel biopic titled “Piano Man” is in the works at Michael Jai White’s Jaigantic Studios, with Adam Ripp attached to write and direct.

The biopic will follow Joel’s early years — from being discovered by Irwin Mazur, who managed the band The Hassles that Joel joined as a teenager, to his breakout performance in 1972 that captured the attention of Clive Davis.

However, Billy Joel’s rep says that Joel is not involved with this film project, and that no rights in music, name/likeness or life story will be granted.

Instead, Jaigantic has acquired the life rights to Mazur, who was Joel’s music rep from 1970 to 1972, the year before his commercial breakthrough. Mazur’s father owned the Long Island club where Joel got his start with The Hassles in 1966.

What the fuck is this? This is a bad case of the blue balls is exactly what the fuck it is. Do you know how long I've been longing for a Billy Joel biopic? Ever since Rocket Man came out...that's how long. If Elton John gets to have a sweet Taron Egerton-starred Biopic I think there's no reason Billy Joel shouldn't be getting one as well about a little Jewish guy from Long Island that grew up with a bunch of Italian influence to go on to become one of the greatest songwriters & banger creators this world has ever known all while romancing the likes of Elle MacPherson, Christie Brinkley, and many more models. It's just about as cool of a fucking story as one can come across IMO.

And as awesome as all that sounds...I would only want it done the right way and the right way would be the man himself's involvement. Any other way would be utterly disgusting and that's exactly what this is. Utterly disgusting. This is basically like forcing one of your friends to go grab beers with you when you wanna go out, maybe they'll do it and maybe the movie will make some money. THOUGH it always feels gross once you actually get to the bar because deep down you know they have no interest in actually being there. It's the same ideology. 

So mark my words- if this movie gets made and Billy Joel does not get involved I will NOT be watching it whatsoever. If my guy doesn't want to be a part of it, neither do I. Not to mention what kind've a sick puppy wants to see a Billy Joel movie with no Billy Joel music? Let me go watch Goodfellas without DeNiro while I'm at it. Gross.