The Harry Potter Series Needed The Half-Blood Prince To Show They Had Balls

We're back again with another Harry Potter recap. This week The Half-Blood Prince. If you recall in the last recap I was a bit angry. This time around I was much better spirits, but if you don't already know I have the worst attention span. I watched this movie once & essentially forgot to take notes because I started texting, going on TikTok & doing everything but what I was supposed to be doing. Because of this I ran through the movie a second time & I didn't take as many notes as usual but the quality of the notes is there. It's always quality over quantity anyway! Everyone knows that. Let's discuss a few: 

Whatever this newspaper on fire is definitely just a way wizards get high - I haven't been smoking as much recently but I want to try whatever this is. 

Looks like Draco finally grew some balls - He's been a shitty villain this entire time because he's too scared to do anything so I'm glad we got a little something out of him. 

Lots of horniness in the air this movie - No one's complaining. Human nature!

I'm low-key happy Dumbledore died to show that his movie has balls - I was bit frustrated earlier in the movie because they didn't have enough balls to kill Ron. Sometimes you've gotta kill main characters. You just have to.

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