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It Is The Year 2022 & The Black Keys Are STILL Putting Out Certified Bops

A little known fact about myself is that the Black Keys are my favorite band of all-time. Of course it goes without saying that I love my Billy Joel, I fucking love my Hootie & The Blowfish, I love my Lynyrd Skynyrd, but the Black Keys pound for pound just may be my favorite band to ever play some tunes. I heard Your Touch WAY back in the day when I was in High School and simply just thought they absolutely rocked like no one I've heard. Not to mention as good as the music always was their sense of humor in everything they did was awesome as well. See Lonely Boy & Tighten Up for reference.

YET after Turn Blue in 2014 they took a bit of a hiatus, came back with another album in 2019 that was solid, and now we are post-pandemic ALL THE WAY in the year 2022 and they still can't be stopped. Still putting out bangers like it's The Big Come Up in 2002. Just awesome stuff to see (and obviously hear). Listen to their new bangers Wild Child ASAP. It's like basically Tom Brady-esque endurance by them.