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1 In 5 NYC Residents Are Now Considering Getting Freaky On Only Fans To Help Pay Their Astronomical Rent

NY Post-Would you sell your body online to stay living in the Big Apple?

A new survey by Cinch Home Services has found almost 1 in 5 people would start a raunchy OnlyFans account in order to make enough money to live in New York City.

The survey also found that people would “live off cheap food,” “only go out once per week” and “sleep on an air mattress” just to live where they want.

In other words, very few residents are actually living their dream in their dream city.

THANK YOU to Cinch Home Services for running this survey and letting the world know just how much people out there are considering OnlyFans due to how fucking simple it is to make cash on there. Now obviously I surely am not an Only Fans model as I'd probably have to pay MYSELF for people's weekly subscriptions to me if I wanted to have literally any, though I know my fair share of Only Fans knowledge and I am here to say if you are considering doing it you should absolutely swallow the pride and hop on that wonderful website.

It's 2022. No one's judging anyone on Only Fans. It's more than a viable job. If the goods why not flaunt that shit for a hefty amount of cash whether it's on the side or a full time gig? During Prohibition Nicky Johnson made a bunch of selling illegal alcohol, it's basically the same thing except this is LEGAL. We should start thinking of Only Fans that way. I mean this lady knows what she's talking about!

It's a no brainer. Get those rents paid, people! You literally don't even have to leave said place you're paying the rent for. It's a home run. Now that I've written this blog I really wish there was a niché category for fat guys on Only Fans. Fuck.