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Wallo From Million Dollaz Worth of Game Recounts The Way His Brother Was Murdered And How Forgiving The Killer Let Him Find Peace

If you've never watched MDWOG, you should. Besides the fact that they are consistently laugh out loud funny, these are dudes who have been through a ton in their lives and are using that to help promote, mentor, and guide young people who are from where they are from. We can all learn something from them. And if you listen, you will learn something often and you will certainly become better at insulting people. Gillie might be the best in the world at it but the show is so much more than that. There is a ton of meat on this podcast bone. 

Take this story from Wallo. It's difficult to be vulnerable in a setting like that. Imagine yourself sitting at that table. Seeing someone like Wallo, who spent YEARS in prison, breaking down and showing you that being emotional is ok. Being sad is ok. Being hurt is ok. Being confused is ok. Imagine listening to a man with his experiences talking about the worst moment in his life with such rawness for the purpose of helping you. Wallo doesnt need to be that open now. He's successful. He's made it. He's got a great platform, a steady bank account, and a future that is beyond bright. He's sitting in a dark room with other people who have seen dark shit and he's using his personal dark moments to bring some light to the misery. 

If you think MDWOG is just them being silly, most of the time it is. But when they get real, it's the realist shit on the internet and something we can all grow by listening to. 

Their newest episode hasnt even dropped yet and it's going viral. With clips like that, you can see why. Much respect to Wallo.