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If You Didn't Fake An Illness To Stay Home And Game, Then You Didn't Have A Childhood

You didn't experience a childhood if you never tried to skip school, just to stay home and play video games. Now, I'm clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, so my strategies NEVER used to work with my parents. It didn't matter how bad my "stomach ached," I may have the worst conversion rate of sick attempts to successfully skipping school.

As you get older, you realize that there's some legit strategies people would use to go the extra mile and really play hookie well. 

In an alternate universe, young MRags knew about the soup can strategy or how to heat up a thermometer's temperature. But my attempts were awful and never successful. So, I usually had a perfect attendance in school and got my gaming fix on the weekends.

At the top of this blog, Co1azo was quite the opposite of myself, he'd wake up early just to game and if he was having a good sesh, he'd pull the old fake sickness card successfully and get to game for the entire day. I wish I was that lucky. 

At the end of this blog, I'm going to link the full interview with Co1azo as he discusses his streaming/competitive career, his time playing collegiate soccer at Penn State, the best Call of Duty of all time and so much more. Cole is one of those streamers that you'd love to grab a beer with. Super down to Earth, relatable guy who just has a freakish talent for gaming. He livestreams on Twitch at

His name is a play off the word Goalazo, which is when a soccer player scores a crazy goal. During his freshman year of college, he led his team in goals and every goal he scored, his teammates would shout "Co1azo" (his name is Cole). 

Enjoy the interview!