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Over The Past Six Months I Have Become Addicted To Discovery+ And I Cant Stop Watching Shows About Morbidly Obese People And Their Shenanigans

Over the past six months or so, my television habits have changed big time. I went from watching sports at night to watching almost exclusively Discovery+ content. Sure, seeing Kevin Durant dunk or take a nice little jumper from the elbow is great, but have you ever watched two sisters who combine to weigh over 1000lbs yell at each other for being fat, lazy, and mean bitches? Well, if you haven't, 1000lb sisters is for you. 

The Slayton sisters are wild. They live in a small town in Kentucky, do a little youtube goofin, and crush more sodies than you can shake a stick at. There are currently a few seasons on the app so you have plenty to catch up on if you haven't started it yet. But, I'm warning you. You are in for a fucking ride (unless that ride has a weight limit like one of the waterslides our new friends tried and failed to go down. Sad. Lumbering 620lbs down waterslide stairs aint for the faint of heart. That I can promise you).

Every person on the show takes my breath away and it's not because I'm a "chubby chaser" which we also find out about on the show with Tammy's boyfriend showin us the ropes. Before we get into what the show entails, you just know that WE DO NOT FAT SHAME! THIS IS ABOUT SUPPORTING OUR BIG FRIENDS! 

Now that that's out of the way, bring on the stars. There's Tammy, the biggest one of them all and probably the worst attitude of the bunch, who is now in the hospital due to complications from her weight. Get well soon, Tammy! We love you but also get therapy!

Giphy Images.

There's Amy who is a new mom, a gastric bypass haver, and really seems to have her life back on track. Amy is down like 150lbs or more. Give em a little kiss, Amy!

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Hell yeah, sister!

We also have Amy's husband Micheal who is just so sweet and so simple. I call him Simple Micheal. He's along for the ride and truly loves ole Amy with his whole heart. He loves Amy so much that he's willing to push Tammy up a ramp when she's in her wheelchair. That's real love! It's adorable. There's Amy and Tammy's big brother Chris. Chris has an insane voice and loves him some bbq ribs. No rib is safe! His voice is as charming as the day is long. It goes up and down in a way I've never heard before. Listen to this. Cutie!

I'm a huge Chris fan. In one episode our guy gets to ride a roller coaster for the first time in several decades and he's over the moon about it. He just rode and rode until he had his fill. I smiled the entire damn time. And, even though he's a touch on the bigger side, he lets his hair blow in the wind and his smile light up the world. 

Now, that doesn't mean there isn't drama. There is high drama in nearly every scene. We got plus-sized drama around every damn corner and I just cannot get enough. Luckily, there is plenty of content to go around. 

We got 1000lb Sisters, who use a doctor by the name of Dr. Proctor. Doctor Proctor lets us into his world on 1000lb sisters but he also has other shows where he shows that he is the kindest and most compassionate person to ever live. Every single appointment he is either encouraging or he keeps the patients accountable. Imagine how tough that would be? Everyday you have to deal with only patients that need so many different aspects of support. Zaddy Proctor is such a delight. You're gonna love him and you might wanna give him a little suckin if thats what you're in to. You can also check out his other shows of which there are many. 

1. 1000lb Best Friends

2. Family by the Ton

3. Too Large

4. 600lb Life

And there are many more shows as well. If you need solid entertainment that also serves as a reminder to maybe only get one serviving of carrot cake at a time, you need to start watching these or you need to stop being ashamed that you watch these so we can talk about it together.