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Fleury To The Leafs Rumors Are Apparently A Stronger Drug Than Russian Gas

No idea how real these rumors are, but Seravelli is definitely fanning the flames and it has Biz and the rest of the GTA salivating. The Leafs have some issues, but none bigger than goaltending since Mrazek is what he has always been (not enough) and Jack Campbell has turned into a pumpkin. I think the Leafs might be starting to sweat after no Cups since 1967 and not a single playoff series win since 2004. 

Chicago has the cure to what ails them. Herbal medicine in the form of a flower. 

Frank Seravelli speculated recently on his podcast that the Blackhawks and Leafs could get a 3rd party involved. If that happens the Leafs can get Fleury for the price of a tank of gas for the playoff run. 

Seravelli also speculated that the Leafs could go after Fleury and Hagel. What kind of haul would the Blackhawks get for BOTH of those guys? Can Davidson gut their system because the Leafs are desperate? 

I have said pretty consistently that I'd like to hang on to Hagel because his contract is so nice the next two years at $1.5M, but...if the Hawks can eat salary and take back Mrazek to further help this deal get done for the Leafs than they need to be willing to pay a steep price. I never know how to quantify these things, but in my head the price starts with Toronto's first either this year or next year (Blackhawks choice) and a kid named Nick Robertson

I LOVE Nick Robertson. He just got called up to the varsity recently and he's missed SERIOUS time with pretty significant injuries the last two years, but I love his game. He popped during the 2020 WJC for USA. He's an animal. Puck hound. Put up huge offensive numbers in the OHL. Big mouth on him, reportedly, which I like. His brother is Jason Robertson of Dallas who I think is hands down the most underrated guy in the league now. Nick is not as big as his brother, but he knows where the goals are and projects as a top 6 winger. Something the Hawks desperately need. 

The Blackhawks aren't going to find the foundation of the next core at the deadline and likely won't at the draft. They could find those suplimental players though. They could find the Sharps, Versteegs, Bollands, etc. Robertson could end up being a player in that class. Get him, a reasonably good goalie in Mrazek, and a 1st round pick and you have a deal, Shanahan.