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The City Of Knoxville Tennessee Just Passed Legislation To Remove A Large Population Of Douchebags From Their Streets

TIMELY legislation for the City Of Knoxville. A law and a technology that was WAY overdue. The government finally got something done to benefit their citizens. This is democracy in action. An anti-douchebag law that benefits the budget and the community at large. 

Bass too loud?...Jail

Revving your engine...jail. 


Playing unwritten so everyone can, you're cool. 

The other people though...fuck them. Loud car people are the absolute worst and they've been ruining our strolls on the sidewalks and patio dinners for far too long without any punishment. Those people who feel the need to have their car register on the richter scale can FUCK right off and now apparently will be receiving a $50 fine for being a general piece of shit while simultaneously thinking you're sweet in your car that pisses everyone off in a 500 yard radius. 

They need to make this Federal Law. Follow the lead of the good people from Tennessee and eliminate douchebags. A first round pick that someone got in the 3rd round of the draft