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It's Awesome, Baby: Dickie V Announces His PET Scan Came Back Showing No Cancer

Hell yeah. It's only fitting that March is here and Dickie V gets a clean PET scan. Vitale was diagnosed with cancer back in October, got to call the Gonzaga/UCLA game and then basically was forced off the air due to vocal problems after that. I say it in every Dick Vitale blog but it's worth saying.  I know we've clowned on him a bit but the man lives and breathes the sport. He's the guy we all grew up with calling games. You hear his voice you just know it's college basketball time. It's still insane that Dickie V is 82 years old and calling games. EIGHTY TWO years old and he doesn't stop. It's remarkable that he's still out there grinding on the Saturday noon ESPN game. Most 82 year olds are just hanging out, but Dickie V is still crowdsurfing when he can and doing a little shimmy on the sidelines. 

So him finding this out during this week? Awesome. I know the SEC Tournament is planning on doing something for him this week. Obviously he won't be able to attend but I'm sure he'll be watching and it's cool to see. The man lives and breathes the sport and now he gets the best news one can get during the best time of the year. Nobody deserves it more than Dickie V. 

So shout out Dickie V for fighting cancer on his own and with his charity over the years. Hope he keeps stuffing cancer's ass in a locker. 

As always, fuck cancer.