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This College Professor Accidentally Showing Only Fans On His Search History To Class Is Just A Normal Guy Caught In An Embarassing Situation

Hell yeah, brother! A lot of folks will see this tweet and instantly say this is gross that he's a college professor looking at pornography yada yada yada. Yet last time I checked college professors are regular dudes...they're just like us! Except they teach some stupid college shit like physics, mathematics, or communications (if you can't tell I'm a college dropout). So it's really no big deal that my guy here hit up Only Fans. It's really not. 

You and I both know that quite literally every single person out there is horny which then leads to watching some sort of porn which then leads to Onlyfans. That's not the professor's fault. That's just 2022's fault due to Only Fans being the new current leader of porn in the clubhouse. The biggest concern though is if you ACTUALLY scroll your little eyes down in that photo there's even MORE Onlyfans tabs! My mans went from Only Fans to then pay some bills with Bank of America and go right back to Only Fans!

Although it's even more funny to think that's a Bank of America notification for an Only Fans purchase. Let's go with that one. At the end of the day though I think a bonk is in order for our guy. 

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