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Packers RB AJ Dillon Squatting 645 Pounds In High School Is Absolutely Preposterous

Yesterday, I got the chance to play Apex Legends with Packers RB AJ Dillon! Off the turf, AJ's a huge gamer and has been grinding Apex Legends ranked. He streams on Twitch at Twitch.tv/AJDillon28 and if you subscribe to his channel, you'll become a member of the #QuadSquad.

Right off the bat, he mentioned the Quad Squad, so it was the perfect segway into my first question, "Now that you mention it, you got some ridiculous Quads. What's your max squat?"

Here's AJ's answer below:

645!?!?!? As an 18 year old RB? WTF. You always know that professional athletes are a different breed of human beings, but that's some next level shit. At 18, I barely had hair on my chest and AJ Dillon is bending the bar with his squat max.

AJ is one of the most down to earth, humble athletes that I've interacted with. One of our Twitch viewers, TyHill19, ubered AJ home one night when he was a freshman at BC and had the exact same perspective of AJ.

Aside from being an overall good dude and a beast RB, AJ is a demon at Apex. He's been grinding ranked player lately after getting sick of Warzone hackers and he quickly reached Platinum with a few of his boys. He's also fully invested in his Twitch stream having recently completed a 24 hour stream and really devoting a lot of time/energy to make his Twitch channel a great place to be. Make sure you drop by his stream!

In the video at the top of this blog, I highlighted some of my questions to AJ + included our Apex win when we both popped off and had some great late game rotations.