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A Hungover Camila Cabello Had A Nip-Slip During A British TV Interview, Responds With A Perfect TikTok About It

[Source] - CAMILA Cabello has revealed the surprising reason why her boob fell out on national TV last night.

The former Fifth Harmony singer, 25, shocked viewers of teatime staple The One Show when she accidentally flashed her nipple to millions of viewers.

She was on the show to talk about her new album, when she revealed more than she bargained for.

Camila was attempting to show Alan, Alex and Jermaine her dance moves when her flimsy top fell down.

Being the professional that she is, the singer simply carried on with her routine while amending her clothes, adding: "Whoops I just flashed you."

I can't relate to having a nip-slip, but what I can relate to is how you respond. There are a few ways to go about it. You can just completely ignore it and get ready for the next thing in the news cycle to take over in 24 hours. You can apologize and then ignore it. You can be Calvin Ridley and tweet through it. Or you can do what Camila Cabello did and drop this TikTok

Simple, to the point and short. Way to make a joke about it all and just laugh it off. It's a nipple, big deal. We all have nipples, Greg. I also love that everything is saying she's hungover. Hey, when you're hungover you can't be all there mentally. You're fighting off headaches, trying to find the right greasy food to help out and just figure out when you can sleep. The last thing you're worried about is your nipple popping out while showing off your dance moves. 

That said, coming out of your hangover and realizing you gotta deal with a public nip slip on TV is brutal. That's about as scary as scaries come. You're probably getting texts and calls from your whole PR team, agent, friends, everyone associated with you. You don't want to talk on the phone. You just have to hit them with the Jim Calhoun. 

Perfect TikTok.