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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Accepts Kevin Owens' Challenge And Promises To Open Up One Last Can Of Whoop Ass At WrestleMania

Holy shit - it's actually happening.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin's return to the ring has been rumored for a few weeks now, as Kevin Owens (who has taken on the Stunner as his finish in the past few years) has trashed the state of Texas at every turn, leading to this explicit call out last night....

....and now Stone Cold has accepted the challenge with this phenomenally shot (almost cinematic) promo, where he says that KO has awakened something inside him that's been gone for 19 years since his last match against The Rock - so call this a fight, brawl, KO Show, or whatever; Stone Cold will be opening one last can of whoop ass on Kevin Owens in Dallas this April.

It's honestly an amazing promo from Steve Austin, as you'd expect, considering he never lost that ability, and sets up an ultimate dream match for so match - including Kevin Owens.

I cannot imagine what a 17-year-old KO would think about all of this….

When that glass shatters in Dallas next month, that place is going to EXPLODE! I hope this winds up being a full on match/brawl, even if it's just 5-7 minutes long, too. I wanna see Stone Cold hit the whole comeback with the Lou Thesz Press and all. 

Stomp some mudholes, ya know? Plus, I can't wait to see how Owens sells the Stunner. That's gotta be more fun than even giving it!

I think any wrestling fan would agree that Owens is one of the most talented guys on the WWE roster on the mic AND in the ring (and he's truly one of the nicest people I've ever met behind-the-scenes as well) so him getting this kind of spotlight is so insanely overdue/deserved and makes me thrilled. This is gonna be the thing that everyone remembers from this card years down the line.

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