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We As A Society Need To Put More Respect On Old Bay Seasoning's Name

So as of late I've been doing Fish Mondays in the Balls Household. Pretty friggen stupid to do right before Lent since I easily could've just done no meat on Fridays, though I'm fucking stupid have continued doing it on Mondays. Last night as I prepared my Arctic Char that I got at my local fish market (Shoutout Lynbrook Seafood) I decided to throw some Old Bay on that bad boy to get real wild and it came out FANTASTIC. 

Obviously the biggest thing you put Old Bay on is crabs and what not in the Maryland area, but it's pretty friggen sick on other things as well. Great on the arctic char last night. People love it on pop corn. I've thrown it on chicken once or twice in my day. And one of the most delectable foods of all-time is the crab fries from Philadelphia-based restaurant Chickie & Pete's which is literally just crinkle cut fries with old bay all over 'em. I am horny as well just thinking about it. Hell our guy RDT even gave it away at his friggen wedding! 

And, once again, I'm well aware it's absurdly popular in the world of Maryland I just think it should just as popular nationwide. It's a 5-tool player. The Charlie Blackmon of seasonings. Long live the legend that is Old Bay. Oh and I'm currently starstruck by a literal seasoning.