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An Evil Demon Trapped Inside Of A Rock For 1,000 Years Has Just Been Freed After The Rock Cracked Open

NY Post- As if the world doesn’t have enough problems, people are now worried that an evil demon locked in a rock for almost 1,000 years is on the loose.

The so-called ‘killing stone’ that kept the malevolent spirit imprisoned all this time has split in two, sending believers into a state of panic.

Japanese legend has it that anyone who comes into contact with the rock will die.

According to mythology, the volanic rock – officially called Sessho-seki – is home to Tamomo-No-Mae, aka the Nine-Tailed Fox.

What the HELL is this?!?! As the first line from the Post says here do not have enough going on in the world? There's war. There's disease. And now we have deal with demonic beings that have been trapped in a rock for 1,000 years? GET OUT OF HERE. I'm someone who loves cryptozoology/supernatural shit so I'm a fairly big believer in all of this stuff and if there's one thing I know about demons it's that they really do not like to be trapped at all...especially in rocks for 1,000 years. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that'll really rile them up.

And this is also the type of demon that possesses people? Those are the worst types of demons. I've seen clips of the Exorcist on youtube because I'm too scared to watch the whole thing. I've seen Jennifer's Body because I was obsessed with Megan Fox when I was 13. I've seen it all. Those guys take no shit.

The demon apparently took the form of a beautiful woman, who was part of a plot to kill Emperor Toba, ruler of Japan from 1107 to 1123.

Located in the mountainous northern region of Tochigi, near Tokyo, the rock is something of a tourist hotspot – but now visitors are fearful.

Some speculate that the evil spirit may have even been resurrected to wreck havoc once more.

Let's all just hope this thing stays on the other side of the world though. Last time I checked I don't think they have the power of water travel although writing this blog will probably make one of the bigger targets in the US of A so wish me luck on that forefront...Yet now that I think about it I would be HORRIBLE body for a demon to inhabit. Just gross.