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A Trip Down Barstool Memory Lane With KFC

New episode is live with KFC for a long inside Barstool segment.  Talked about old school blogging and whatever happened to Manzo.  Our time doing Barstool Radio together and how I hated him by the end of it.  The resurgence of old school Skype Rundowns.  How often we talk and what our current relationship is like.  And how him not gambling has affected his career here with the PENN deal.  Our other guest is Tiko Texas to reveal who her new enemy is.  Other topics: Eddie gets breaking news about Aaron Rodgers going back to Green Bay.  The Calvin Ridley gambling suspension.  Dallas Braden's weird text to me.  An update on if Jared is leaving Barstool.  The Mintzy Tour has come to an end.  And Troopz pulled a major asshole move on me. 

Episode is also available on iTunes and Spotify.