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Shaq Has A Great Solution To Deal With High Gas Prices

If Jen Psaki had explained it to the American people like this then we probably would have been able to get by during this gas crisis we currently see without complaining.

This is all-time meta-thinking by Shaq. If you don't like having to fill your tank up with $80 of gas, then instead of letting the gas tank go all the way to zero, let it go halfway then fill it up with $20 to 3/4th a tank. Then keep doing that every time it hits half a tank. You see Shaq is teaching us how to avoid the psychological toll of $80 gas. The 4 trips a week to see $20 gas is much easier on the mind, and you get to go to the gas station more which is fun. I personally love gas stations and would visit them more often. Gas stations should be about Redbull, Beef Jerky, Dip, going to the bathroom, snacks, Gatorade, water, phone chargers, cigarettes, beer in some states, or douchebag sunglasses, not $80 gas. Shaq's reasoning is on point. If you don't like paying $80 for gas, just pay $20, 4 times. It's like a payment plan