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MARCH MADNESS IS OFFICIALLY HERE - Chattanooga Wins A Wild SoCon Title Game On A 30 Foot Buzzer Beater

That's it. That's the sign that March Madness is officially here. A 1-bid league in OT and a buzzer beater? Buckle up, we're just getting started. This game was legit wild. It was 26-16 Furman at halftime. Then at the end of regulation you had this shot by Furman to force OT: 

The entire overtime was basically dudes from each team trying to show how big their balls were with each shot. Just dagger after dagger until the buzzer legit sounded. That last 5 seconds might sum up March perfectly though. The highs of Furman thinking they were about to make an NCAA Tournament on that layup only to have a buzzer beater swished right in their face. Brutal. 

Next week it's the Big Dance, but this is the perfect way to wet the beak for that. Also what makes these mid-major conference tournaments must watch. They always deliver and it's legit win or season over the entire time. Best time of the year.