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I Caught My First Shark Off of the Beach!

Florida is one of my favorite places to visit. Not only does warm weather make me a happier person, but there's a million and two things that I can do while in the state. This past week I met my friend Josh from Black Tip H to catch black tip sharks for the first time. Day one we got to the beach early and hooked into two sharks! Unfortunately, I didn't land them. We got back after it in the afternoon and I definitely made up for it! 

I ended the day landing two black tips, and the footage was so dang cool. This shark was super interesting because not only had it been bitten by another shark, it was also tagged! These tags are used to locate, monitor, and track sharks in their natural habitat. This information is important for conservation and studies. 

We caught these sharks on catfish and other bait we caught the night before. One thing that I actually think is pretty fun is catching sand fleas at the beach. These little suckers are crustaceans that are excellent to use to catch live bait. 

Since this was my first shark that I have ever caught I wanted to make sure that I was handling the shark properly and was able to release the black tip by myself with Josh coaching me in the background. As you can tell I probably need to hit the gym more often since I was so out of breath. I mean my adrenaline was also through the roof so I will use that as an excuse. haha

This episode will be released this spring and I am so stoked to share it with ya'll! 

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