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Lady Heads To The Bathroom In The Middle Of The Night And Whoops There's A Giant Elephant In There




Hey you know what’s great about living in a developed civilization?  Everything.  Everything is great.  Because shit like this, coming across a giant elephant snacking on toilet water at 3am, doesn’t happen around here.  I didn’t quite catch in the video where this took place but I know it can’t be within 2,000 miles of where I live because elephants don’t drink out of toilets anywhere near here.  It simply isn’t a concern for me or anyone within about a 5,000 mile radius.  Sure, people around here are no strangers to the dangers of getting up and taking a piss in the middle of the night.  You ever stubbed your toe on the corner of the couch at 4am? Of course you have.  I’d almost rather stumble upon an elephant drinking out of my toilet than experience that pain ever again but not really.  Or there’s the game of Just Start Pissing And You’ll Eventually Hit Water because you can’t turn the bathroom light on and wake yourself up.  Always fun.  And then of course there’s the times when you have to piss really bad in the middle of the night, you get to the bathroom and have to wait for the boner to go down because you don’t want a 40 Year Old Virgin situation.  Each one of those are very really struggles and I would take them each over running into an elephant everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. Civilization is great.