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Kurt Sutter Revealing All These Sopranos Easter Eggs In Sons Of Anarchy Is Wonderful To See

I am here for this. Very, very, very much here for this! I feel like for some reason Sons of Anarchy gets lost in the conversation when it comes to awesome television. It was always just a wonderful show that gave the viewers what you wanted. I mean shows even like the Sopranos will obviously leave some stuff up in the air, I'm thinking like Melfi not telling Tony about her rapist, but Sons did not give a FUCK. If anyone ever crossed the Sons of Anarchy you just knew they were gonna meet their end in a horrible way. Just amazing stuff.

And now we find out they were doing a bunch of Sopranos easter eggs as well? I'll always remember an Entourage line saying Tarantino only steals from the best and that's the same stuff going on here. You take from the Sopranos when you're striving to be the best AND also have Drea DeMatteo on your show. I'm just sad I originally watched Sons before the Sopranos so I literally have never picked up on anything Kurt tweeted about. Probably a great excuse for a rewatch now though, right? Right?