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Steve Forbes Got Paid And Rightfully So Because College Basketball Is Better When Wake Forest Actually Matters

[Source] - Forbes is in the second year of his initial six-year deal at the school, and the new commitment will lock him in Winston Salem for a significant period of time. Forbes' name has come up on the periphery of some high-profile job openings, as he won ACC Coach of the Year this season and is expected to lead Wake Forest to the school's first NCAA tournament berth since 2017.

The terms of the deal are not expected to be released by the school, which is a private institution. But with Forbes' initial contract through 2026, he's expected to be a fixture in Winston Salem for the remainder of decade.

I want Wake Forest to be good. They are the team I grew up watching with my old man going there and Randolph Childress is the specific reason I fell in love with college hoops. So Steve Forbes winning ACC Coach of the Year, Alondes Williams winning ACC Player of the Year and Wake likely in the NCAA Tournament is awesome. They are a program who should be good. They haven't been relevant in a decade or so, so yeah, this year matters. 

It's also a trend that's worth watching. We are starting to hear rumors of who will be on Louisville and Maryland's list for hires. They should have Steve Forbes on there. The dude just wins no matter where he goes and can coach his ass off. He turned Wake around in two years. Would he be option 1 at either spot? Of course not. But how many times do programs hire option 1? It's not all that likely even at spots like Louisville and Maryland. Shit we saw Bruce Pearl do the same thing when his name was linked to these jobs. 

We're going to see more of this especially as jobs open up and coaches names pop up. I find it fascinating how these contracts work too. Borzello says in the report that his name was popping up. It plays into it 100%. I've also talked about it before but Louisville and Maryland are in vital spots. They can't miss on the right hire again. We've seen Louisville hit damn near rock bottom and sanctions haven't even been put on them yet. Maryland is still trying to figure out who the hell they are in the Big 10. Maryland more than Louisville needs a coach that will draw fan interest back

So shout out Steve Forbes and Wake. College basketball is better when they are relevant and we can get back to Duke-Wake and UNC-Wake games mattering again. Sure, I might just miss the 90s and early 2000s, but it's true.