It Appears Congratulations are in Order for Mr. Kraft and His New Bride-to-Be on Their Engagement

Gilbert Carrasquillo. Getty Images.

I'll admit that I don't come across as the most romantic guy in the world. That it's my default setting to view the world through a cynical lens, and it rarely fails to live down to my expectations. Perhaps the language I'm most fluent in is sarcasm, not poetry. But that doesn't mean I'm not without a heart. I won't be curled up in a blanket this weekend sipping wine and watching RomComs. But I'm not afraid to admit I get teary when Rocky screams out Adrian's name, or when King Leonidas' dying thoughts are of his queen, or when Peter Parker reveals his identity to Mary Jane Watson in "Spider-Man 2." I can appreciate a good love story as much as the next guy. All the world loves a lover. 

And with that, I can't think of a better start to the week than hearing a romance we first heard about a few years ago:

… has not only survived all the struggles of the world, but thrived. According to reports, Mr. Kraft and his beloved are planning to jump the broom:

Source -  Robert Kraft has six Super Bowl rings, and recently gave his girlfriend, Dr. Dana Blumberg, an engagement ring as big as one of the championship baubles, we hear.

Saturday’s inaugural amfAR Gala Palm Beach event honored fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, who shared from the stage that Kraft and Blumberg got engaged.

We hear that the pair have been engaged for a couple weeks, but Hilfiger unexpectedly announced the news at the gala.

“Tommy Hilfiger was the honoree and Robert and Dana were both chairs of the event for Tommy,” a source said. “[Hilfiger] said his ‘good friend Bob Kraft got engaged to Dr. Dana Blumberg’ at the event on stage, speaking to the whole audience.” …

The astonished source said: “It looked like it was 10-carats or more… It was as big as some of Bob’s Super Bowl rings.”

Of course it's as big as any of Mr. Kraft's Super Bowl rings. Why should anyone expect anything less? When you win at life, there's no reason not to celebrate it like the biggest wins of your career. Championships off the field deserve to be commemorated as much as the ones on the field. Your soulmate should wear a ring worthy of all those ideal teammates you've signed over the decades. And when the world's greatest empire builder/philanthropist/deal maker/diplomat/fighter for justice reform meets an accomplished physician and they agree to make a lifetime commitment to one another, that's something everyone - romantic and cynic alike - can feel good about. 

There's no word on the timing yet, but hopefully he happy couple get to spend part of their honeymoon on a Duckboat parading through downtown Boston celebrating Mr. Kraft's seventh football ring and eighth overall. And if I may be so bold, if the man who told me personally to call him RKK is looking for someone to perform the ceremony, I know just the person:


For these two crazy, lovestruck kids, I'll even waive my usual fee of a few drinks at the reception. Seeing a perfect couple start their new life together is reward enough.