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If You Thought Northern Finland Was Fun.. You Just Got The Call To The Big Show. Cheers To Helsinki Now Here Is A Bar, A Beer, And A Bet.

Chiclets Concierge: Just like the song goes “ I have been everywhere man, I have been everywhere!!” and I am going to pass this knowledge onto the great fans of Barstool by using experiences.  But let us be serious, this blog is mostly about winning money.  We will give you a bet on the local team that will make you cash and add a few fun facts about some of the great cities around the world. For all the stat people in the crowd, I have played in 18 countries and have been to a total of 33.  Check the game notes!! 

Alexandr Bormotin. Unsplash Images.

Location: Helsinki, Finland 

This is the most populous city in Finland, which makes sense since it is the capital.  Located in the “South” of Finland this city is always listed as the highest level of urban living. This great city has had famous meetings of world leaders,  but do not let that fool you this city knows how to boogie. 

Imports Pick For Best Bar:  Henry’s Pub

Best wings in Europe hands down! This fun pub is centrally located and always has a great live music scene.  Anyway back to the wings, they are unreal, and make sure you get the X-hot with extra dip.  This bar always serves local beers and a great cider.  So eat your wings, drink the beers and catch the local band.


Hesburger- this chain is as big as McDonalds in Finland, but the burgers feel like they were cooked in the backyard at a family barbecue. The mayo is the key difference and it is much better. Also, they call it french sticks. 

Lapin Kulta - A great beer that you want when it is going to be a long day taking in the game and the nightlife.  This brewery was founded in 1873 and is known in English as golden. Even Conan O'Brien enjoys these, they go down fast and easy.

Local Team and Some Alumni: H.I.F.K.- The “H” is for Helsinki and the “IFK” can be loosely translated to “Sporting Fellows Society”. The hockey team has been around since 1929 and has won Finland’s national championship 7 times. Team currently plays in Finland’s top league the SM-Liiga and some great players have worn the HIFK shield on their jersey.

Top Finns: Esa Tikkanen, Oli Jokinen, Sami Kapanen, Miro Heiskanen, Roope Hintz.

Top Imports: Brian Rafalski, Shawn Bates, Tim Thomas, Ryan Vesce, Jeff Hamilton.

Arena: Helsinki Ice Hall - 8200 seat arena is known for playing rock music during the HIFK games much to the delight of home fans and dismay of visiting teams.

Murls' Best Bet: Both teams are fighting for the 1st round bye in the playoffs, expect this game to feature the top goaltenders, a referee with his whistle in his pocket and a tight checking game.

Under 5.5 -148