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Someone Mapped The Most Common Craigslist Missed Connection Places For Each State In The US And It Is Perfect

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You know the old saying stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. Well when you look at the entirety of the South on this map, that saying becomes a little more true. I mean we joke about everyone down south spending all their time aimlessly walking around Wal-Marts, masturbating on each other while they look for gay people to beat up but here it is, scientific data (any data is scientific in my eyes). Wal-Mart, guns, and Nascar, that’s what the South does.


Other States that need mentioning

Hawaii (Beach) – Fuck Hawaii right in its stupid round Samoan face. The Beach? The rest of the country is daydreaming about banging people in awful places like convenience stores and shitty subways and Hawaiins are casually bumping into each other on the Beach. Fuck them. Fuck them all.

Michigan (Super Store) – Typical Michigan. Basically everyone meets at Wal-Mart but because its Michigan they have to call it a Super Store. Same people that live in Bloomfield Hills and Grosse Point, celebrate all of the University of Michigan’s football championships (even though all of them were won before they allowed black people to play) and tell everyone that Michigan is the most beautiful place on Earth. Pure Michigan you guys!

Oklahoma (State Fair) – Corndogs, Tilt a Whirls, and that girl you saw that you wanted to fuck but can’t because she may be your cousin. Oklahoma, at least its not a Wal-Mart right?

Illinois (Train) – I don’t ride the L because I’m not poor, guess I’m missing out?

California (24 Hour Fitness) - We get it, you guys lift. Fuck off.

Indiana (Home) – Home? You mean the place where your family lives? That’s your casual encounter spot? What the fuck Indiana. That doesn’t even make any sense. Who sees people they want to fuck at home? Indiana is like your dumb friend that everyone makes fun of but they’re so dumb they don’t even realize it. They think everyone is laughing and having a good time when in reality its 100% at their expense. That’s Indiana. Can’t do anything right.