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Kentucky Owns March - We Got A Win Over No. 1, An SEC Title And Coach Cal Going Bananas

Basketball school. Plain and simple, basketball school. Nice little run to the SEC title game as the 7 seed and what happens next? A come from behind win over No. 1 South Carolina. Ho hum SEC title for Kentucky, Rhyne Howard and the rest of the women's basketball staff. All seriousness, I'm pretty sure Cal was the biggest fan there: 

Love seeing him losing his mind for the school. Also hope he draws up that little pick and pop play if he has to. Keep that one stored away, especially if there's a mismatch for one of our guys. Coaching is about adapting and now he saw an SEC title, time to get ready for March. 

Seriously though, what a play. Perfect pass, great shot. Delivered a hell of an interview after too: 

Decent start to March.