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Big Baby Davis Just Got Caught On Live Television Trying To Sneak Into Better Seats

God dammit Glen. You're an NBA champion. Played in the league for years, probably made a shit ton of money, what are we doing. I can understand the idea of moving down and trying to maybe get better seats. We've all done it a time or two in our lives. I dunno if we've ever tried to sneak into seats that close to the floor on a nationally televised game against the Nets with the whole world watching but that's the difference between us and Big Baby. Nothing he could say either, he knew he got caught. 

"Oh these are your seats? Weird, my bad. How did I end up here? All good all good"

We've all had that conversation at some point. The feeling when you thought maybe a seat was open and the people suddenly come back. Fortunately for us, we're not caught on TV in front of millions of people. That's tough. I'm going to need that to be cleaned up immediately from Big Baby here. If he needs good seats he can just DM me. Papa Greenie is in Arizona and I could have hooked him up with his tickets.