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The Sport Of The Future Is People Fighting In The Middle Of A Live Rodeo While A Bull Runs Wild

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I don't know where or when this was. However what I do know is that was the birth of the world’s next great sport.

Rodeo and boxing have each been established sports forever that have lined the pockets of the people that climbed to their respective mountaintops. However, there is no denying that both have fallen off during the 21st century and could use a boost to compete against all the other emerging sports/entertainment options.

So what do you do? Take two very good things on their own then smash together to make something great, kinda like how Old Man Reeses did when he first dipped a bar of chocolate in his peanut butter jar. Any sport that is struggling should look for another sport dealing with the same issues and link up. Shit, if the lockout causes baseball to suffer massive hits in attendance or ratings and want to counteract that financial hit, why not link up with horse racing and place a diamond in the middle of every track? Tell me people won't be enthralled watching Mike Trout run down a fly ball as the 5th at Del Mar rapidly approaches.

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I was going to list a bunch of other sports we could mash up. But I honestly think you can pretty much take any sport with a human then combine it with a sport involving animals and you will have a winner on your hands every single time. So thank you to the lunatics dabbling with the sweet science in the middle of a rodeo without a care in the world about getting the bull, the horns, or any every other part of said bull for indirectly ushering what will no doubt be the Golden Age of Sports.