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‘The Boys’ Actor Antony Starr Arrested For Drunkenly Assaulting a Man in a Bar - Allegedly Told Him "I’m Going to Look For You. I Want to Kill You.'

Amy Sussman. Getty Images.

Daily Mail

Actor Antony Starr has been handed a 12-month suspended prison sentence after admitting a drunken assault on a chef called Bathuel Araujo, 21, in a Costa Blanca pub. Starr, who plays evil superhero Homelander on Amazon show The Boys and is currently filming a new Guy Ritchie Movie in Spain, was also ordered to pay more than £4,000 in compensation.

The 46-year-old was told after a speedy trial at a court in Alicante that he would only escape having to serve time as long as he paid his victim the money in the next 72 hours. 21-year-old chef told officers he had been punched twice before having a glass smashed in his face. He was taken to hospital and had to have four stitches to a wound above his eye. 

Talk about taking your work home with you. I knew Antony Starr played a great evil villain in Homelander, but the dedication to not break character even while at a bar in Spain is next level method acting. 'The Boys' star got hammered in a bar this week and beat the shit out of a 21 year old dude in a bar in Spain. The details of the brawl actually make me think Starr believes he's Homelander 24/7.

Bathuel Araujo, the injured man, told local press on Thursday his alleged aggressor was “very drunk” at the time and said he lashed out after a friend he was with asked a pal of the actor’s to calm him down because he was being a nuisance. The Venezuelan-born chef claimed he responded by telling him to ‘Fuck off’ and trying to push him out of the pub before punching him in the jaw and near his eye when he eventually responded by pushing him back. 

He told respected local Informacion: 'After he punched me I was dizzy and that’s when he hit me with the glass by his left eyebrow.'

Admitting to a second fracas in the street after the actor was allegedly kicked out off the pub by doormen and he had cleaned himself up in the toilets, Bathuel claimed Starr had gone on to threaten him in English, telling him: 'You don’t know who you’ve messed with, you don’t know who I am and what you’ve done.

'You’ve committed the mistake of your life and I’m going to look for you. I want to kill you.'

Let's rewind the tape here a second. Antony Starr actually told this man, "You don’t know who you’ve messed with, you don’t know who I am and what you’ve done. I'm going to look for you. I want to kill you." Okay, so this guy is a legitimate lunatic. Almost positive Homelander has said those words in the show. Now that I think about it, this clip of the cast all immediately pointing to Antony Starr when asked who is most like their character in real life makes perfect sense now.

The bar fight also reminds me of one of his first scenes as Lucas Hood in Banshee. 

If you haven't seen Banshee or The Boys I'd strongly advise getting on those ASAP if you want to enhance your life. Starr is one of the best actors on TV right now and needs to be in more shit. We'll end the blog with his character fantasizing about mass murder.