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Give Big Oscar The Crown Right This Second

The right there is the best player in college basketball this season. I don't care about the debate in terms of value or most talented or whatever. Oscar Tshiebwe is your player of the year. He did it once again with a ho-hum 27 points, 15 rebound night against Florida. He finished the year with a 17/15 average. Absurd. He's doing shit that just isn't done, especially in a rebounding debate. 

Hey plenty of other guys had good years. Great years even. Guys like Johnny Davis, Kofi Cockburn, Keegan Murray, Ochai Agbaji, Alondes Williams, Paolo, Timme/Chet, etc. Nobody had a better year than Oscar. He's the No. 1 player on KenPom. He's the leader for NPOY. He's consistently putting up 20/10s that people just sort of shrug like it's expected. 

The man embodies college basketball. We know there were outside forces for him going to WVU. He didn't like it and finally ended up at his dream school in Kentucky. Since then? He worked his ass off at practice last year and turned into this player. He developed touch for a 15-foot jumper. He shows up every single game working his ass off. He's one of 15 finalists for NPOY and DPOY. Give it to him. He's a guy who loves college. He's a guy who is making the most out of college. 

Now it's time to focus on what's important. 

Wrapped up a 2 seed with a chance at a 1 still. Now it's time to win 6 games.