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Playboy "Model" In The News For Honeypot Trapping Another Girl's Boyfriend For The Low, Low Price of $2,000

Daily Star -Cheating isn't nice, but sadly it happens quite a lot.

Now one model hopes to catch love rats in the act by offering services to "test loyalty" on social media.

Carolina Lekker, who graced the cover of Playboy Africa, wants to put an end to infidelity in relationships.

She charges an eye-watering £1,400 ($2,000) where women get in touch to share their boyfriends' numbers and Instagram profiles.

The beauty said: "If he doesn't fall for my chat, I return the money.

"I contact them first on Instagram and wait for them to respond. I keep making conversation until the conversation gets hotter."

So if you have suspicions about your relationship, Carolina is your girl. 

While she charges a staggering fee for her services, the model will return the money if the man "passes the test".

The bombshell said the conversation ends at the time of arranging a casual meeting.

She revealed: "If after a lot of talking he wants to meet with me, I get the money and he doesn't pass the loyalty test."

Women are never happy unless they're unhappy. And this just proves it.

Listen, it’s one thing if you go through your man’s phone and find a slew of DMs with other chicks. Or if you catch him texting other girls.

That’s just scumbag behavior.

It’s an entirely different thing if you are proactively seeking out some instagram thot to bait him.

Guys don’t get hit up by random girls. Ever.

Strike that, Gronk actually showed me his DMs one time like 10 years ago and it was like nothing I’d ever seen before or will ever see again. Girls are thirstier for Godlike athletes and fame than guys are for HOF T&A. 100%

So guys who don’t play professional sports, have songs on the radio, or run smut empires for a living, don’t get hit up by girls. Ever.

So how the fuck should we know how to operate when one that’s a looking like this 

drops in from the clouds and starts liking our fishing pics from boys weekend in the Keys and messaging us telling us she likes our dad bod?

First off, to any man with a brain, this should be a colossal red flag.

Giphy Images.

Common sense should tell you that either:

A) this is a catfish of some sort. A hideous woman trying to ply your precious time and money away like catfishes do. (If you haven’t seen the Chris “Birdman” Anderson special on 20/20 it’s must watch. Mind blowing stuff how fucked over he was).

2) one of your sick friends playing a joke on you to build up blackmail material 

D) or it’s CLEARLY a trap.

Giphy Images.

If your spidey sense doesn’t sniff out one of these then you my friend are a moron and probably deserve to get caught.

But that doesn’t negate the fact that any woman who would go to such lengths to do this, clearly is the fucked up one in the relationship.

How toxic does your relationship have to be to want to try to setup your boyfriend so you can “aha, gotcha” him?

Just fucking cut to the chase and breakup or divorce him now. Save everybody the time and energy. Life’s too short. And save yourself from putting $2000 in this tramp's pocket.

Carolina has claimed she's already made over £7,400 ($10,000) from the service. 

She concluded: "I'm going to use this money on cosmetic procedures for myself."

If the model isn't chatting up lads, she's spending £110,000 on plastic surgery to achieve the "most expensive body on Instagram".

The Spanish hottie revealed: "I had four nose rhinoplasties. The last one I spent £6,600 (50 thousand reais)."

of course she is. Girl power!