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Sometimes You Need a Wild Grizzly Bear To Be Your Spotter At The Gym While You Get a Quick Set In

(I have no clue if this is real or old but it's Friday and we're having some fun here. I've never tripped acid before but this feels like the dream you have after you do that)

Dudes rock. Nothing to see here, just a couple lads in the gym getting a nice pump in. Everyone is already thinking about happy hour and taking the day off like a beta. Well, for the real ones out there, if the day ends in "y" you best be thinking about getting that work in. You gotta earn that weekend brother. As a noted and obvious gym rat I know it can be tough to find a spotter sometimes, especially on a Friday. A spotter/helper can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and in this instance that hero was a...*checks notes*....grizzly bear. 

You see guys, Hank the Tank wasn't so bad after all. Just like us, he needed some motivation from a few pals to hit the gym and get back into shape. I gotta say he looks fantastic here. Keep up the great work sir. 

I love how the camera had to zoom in on the bear to make sure the viewer knew what they were looking at. Those are the camera skills that you can't teach. Oscar worthy production here. 

P.S. If I don't see Billy doing this over the weekend I think he's a fraud.