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I'm Beginning To Think Tommy Smokes Is A Big Fat Cheater

Barstool Plays Wordle on Extreme Difficulty!

Everyone can guess the word of the day when you have all day to get the right word. However, how will Barstool HQ do when the pressures on and they only have 5 minutes? Watch the video to find out...

Now here's my think with Mr. Thomas Scibelli, the rationale of words he used were...astounding...

Tommy's word was Choke and he got it right under a minute. Unbelievable performance to say the least - almost too unbelievable…here's the full clip:

Tommy's counterpoint was that Kelly Keegs got it even faster, but I wasn't throwing any shade her direction. 

Fair comeback, but let's look at Kelly's guesses:

Not only do the guesses make more sense, but the choice of words were very on brand for Kelly Keegs (well done).

Verdict - Kelly is fully innocent and completed the Wordle faster than anyone I've ever seen. Prior to coming into the room, she was probably one of the more nervous one (Duggs was the most confident).

But for Tommy Smokes…what do we think? Guilty or Innocent?

Regardless, on display in the video we saw some truly unbelievable strategies for Wordle, make sure to use these on today's puzzle!