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So I finally got him. After 5 days of hunting him through the city I found him. It took days of tracking, looking for context clues, physical and digital footprints, but after days of primal tracking. I had a successful simulated hunt of liverking. 

Ill tell you it was quite the scene. As soon as Liverking arrived there was a swarm of fellow primals. Liver chuggin dudes in 25 degree weather who couldn't wait to take their shirts off. It was so interesting to see how many actual primals who took the "Nose to Tail" organ meat diet so seriously. Like as a lot of us liked it as funny and interesting then began to use it to inspire exercise. There were a ton of dudes who brought Bone marrow and organ meet to the pushup contest. So for context Liverking wanted to do a pushup contest and whoever could do 100 pushups got $100. It had to be in one go and to be honest I did chest the day before so I gassed out at 75 before I could get anymore. 

The funniest part was once people around times square heard there was a guy giving $100 bills out for pushups all the guys you could 100% tell did a little prison time and pushups was there bread and butter started coming out and repping serious amounts out. It was getting pretty ridiculous. The most ridiculous part is when after we all had our hands on the pavement of Time Square, which I am not exactly a germaphobe, but to then start eating liver with the same hands that were dusted up with the next pandemic strain is next level. To say it was cultish was an understatement. Exercise was the prayer, liver the sacrament, the 9 ancestral tenants were the scripture and the primals were the flock. It was interesting, and there was a lot of good practices he preached. The Liver King stated that "I am not the King, But the liver is king", "My Namesake is just to magnify the sacred power of liver". There was a lot of Christ allegories to be honest I picked up on. The liver was the embodiment of a unknown king, I guess the early ancestors he always talks about. People were coming up to him yelling some his practices that changed their lives. I tasted the liver. It was pretty brutal, some lowering the bar type stuff. Definitely should be a lowering the bar food. The Bone Marrow he bit straight out of the bone. It was primal alright. 

It was Anarcho-primitism in a nutshell. "Return to Monke" was heard during chanted during the pushups. It was pretty wild that a lot of dudes took this so seriously. At one point a guy ran up to Liver King and screamed "WE HAVE BANNED ALL SEED OILS FROM THE HOUSE, THE DEPRESSION AND CANCERS ARE ALL SEED OILS."  It was quite the scene. It was interesting. Liverking was short. Once I got the selfie with him I determined I had successfully completed the 4 day simulated hunt. I could stop fasting I had caught the prey that was liverking. I honored my early ancestors and simulated hunting for days. I ate the liver, bone marrow and did the pushups. Hopefully we can have Liverking into the office soon. I got to pick his brains. Yes he is short, But I am tall so it makes it look worse.