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Bulking Season: Coach Cal Says He Lifts Weights To Stay Focused On March, Flexes To Intimidate His Opponents

I almost want to feel bad for everyone else. Your coach thinks watching tape and practice matters? Nope. It's all about hitting the weights so you stay focused for the grind of March. Mind over matter type deal or something. All I know is it works. I'm not going to question Coach Cal's decision to lift weights if it pays off in March. I hope he starts working out more to be honest. I need a jacked Coach Cal like he's a strength and conditioning coach roaming the sidelines. Everyone already goes bananas whenever UK comes to town, not add another fear factor besides talent and winning. An incredibly fit John Calipari. Probably get another 5 years of coaching out of him too. 

Does working out even work? I don't know. It's March. Everyone has their own secrets and plans to get their teams ready. Cal doesn't care about the SEC Tournament and that's fine. The NCAA Tournament is way more important. If it's also hitting the gym then I'll be doing double Peloton workouts this month. Let's not get crazy about going to lift weights here. But UK is a favorite to win the title for a reason. They have talent and now they have a crazy coach. Step 1 and 2 completed and it's time for all of us to do our job. 

100% chance Cal just lifts the bar and that's okay. It's about March, best time of the year.