Sydney Sweeney Being Engaged To A Dude From Chicago's Little Italy Is A Massive Win For Chicago Italians

Jeff Kravitz. Getty Images.

So I'm just minding my own business today, enjoying my Friday when I came across this blog from Fran. 

I'm a Euphoria fan so of course I clicked. But, boy let me tell you I was NOT expecting to find out that Sydney Sweeney's new fiance is the owner of Pompei in Little Italy.

People confirmed, Sydney Sweeney is engaged to boyfriend Jonathan Davin after Sydney was spotted wearing what looked like an engagement ring earlier this week. Sydney & Jonathan have been together since 2018 & have been very low-key about their relationship. Jonathan doesn't have a big internet presence but what we do know is Jonathan's family owns the Chicago-based Italian restaurant Pompei along with other Chicago businesses.

Charley Gallay. Getty Images.

I mean this guy probably spent his whole childhood folding the strudel and stapling catering order bags only to end up with a girl who is smoking hot, very talented, and on the most popular show on the planet. Shit, I've been going there since I was a kid so I probably even grabbed an order from him at one point without even a shred of realization of the type of greatness this man had coming to him later in life.

What a massive win for Taylor street. Put Jonathan on the front float for the St. Joseph's Day parade. Build him a statue. I don't care, just do whatever because this man deserves to be recognized as a top tier paisan from the city of Chicago.

Salud, Jonathan. 

I'll stop by for a tiramisu one of these days to celebrate.

P.S. - It also really makes you think that any old joe like you or me who grew up in this city and has ever stepped up to Mario's Italian Ice on a hot Summer day stood a chance at landing Sydney in an alternate universe. Coulda been us, fellas. We'll get em next time though I know that's for sure. We'll always get em next time.

P.P.S - It's even better that this happened two weeks before St. Patrick's Day. Just dragging our nuts all over people like that pale buffoon Whitesoxdave right before their biggest day of the year.