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It Looks Like Amari Cooper Will Fall Justttttt Short Of Winning A Super Bowl In Dallas


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I'm not a grudge guy. On the grudge guy scale I'd say I clock in at like a…4.2/10. As I've gotten older, I've cared less about…well basically everything. Just let bygones be bygones, your life is a lot less stressful. But there is one person I DO hold a grudge against and root against and hope for failure- and that person is Amari Cooper. Why?



You do not spurn me and my team to sign with the COWBOYS and get off the hook that easily. Especially because his reasoning was he wants to win a Super Bowl in Dallas. HAH, in your bra! So that ticked me off, and rightfully so. Pairing Amari up with McLaurin would have been awesome. Instead he chose to remain in Dallas so naturally he became my sworn enemy. And now they are cutting him because Jerry Jones preferred to give a fat running back a $90 million contract. What a mistake that was. Everyone knew it at the time but they still gave Zeke $90 million. And now the chickens are coming home to roost, which is a saying I do not totally understand but I know it works in this situation.

Would I take Amari now? I mean…I guess? Sure, let's give him the veteran minimum and see if he can make the squad. We'll work him out with the 3rd team, maybe put him on special teams, see if there's any more air in those tires. But he'll have to beg like a little piggy first. Beg for me piggy, beg for me!