If You Play Jacob Elordi's Love Interest You May Get Engaged

Joey King confirmed this week she got engaged to her boyfriend Steven Piet on 2/2/22. Joey & Steven have been together since 2019 after he was a producer on 'The Act' where Joey starred as Gypsy Rose Blanchard. While we are very happy for Joey & Steven, were a little skeptical at first because Joey King is only 22-years-old & nowadays that's a little early for marriage. What we forgot was Joey has been in the business since she was 4 so we chalk Joey's industry age up to about 42. Joey also has one of the most interesting engagement rings we've seen to date. You can see Joey's ring in her Instagram post about the couple's engagement:

People confirmed, Sydney Sweeney is engaged to boyfriend Jonathan Davin after Sydney was spotted wearing what looked like an engagement ring earlier this week. Sydney & Jonathan have been together since 2018 & have been very low-key about their relationship. Jonathan doesn't have a big internet presence but what we do know is Jonathan's family owns the Chicago-based Italian restaurant Pompei along with other Chicago businesses.

What we can't help but compare is both Joey & Sydney have played on-screen love interests with Jacob Elordi. Joey played Jacob's on-screen love interest in the Kissing Booth series & the two even dated outside of the movies for about 2 years. Sydney also played Jacob's on-screen love interest this past season of Euphoria. So who knows what's in the air with Jacob Elordi? Maybe, Alexa Demie is next?

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