Tristan Thompson Is Out For Blood. Grayson Allen Better Have His Head On A Swivel Tonight

Sign Charles Oakley for tonight too. I want a full goon squad. I want Grayson Allen's stupid haircut to be scalped. With one little rant Tristan Thompson got into my heart. Now I know why he has so many kids. Tells you exactly what you want to hear when you want to hear it. Now he needs to deliver. 

There is nothing better than hating someone in sports. Competition is great. Winning is great. Nothing gets my blood pumping more than hating someone and now I fucking HATE the Milwaukee Bucks. This is how this Bulls team gets to a different level in Chicago. You go to fucking battle against a shitty Midwestern city rival. Jordan did it with the Pistons. Now we look North. A worthy advisary with a punchable face and a legitimate gripe. I can not fucking wait. This is the most excited I've been for a Bulls game since Derrick Rose left. Feels good to hate. Wanted it. Needed it. Now we go. I want to see red coming out of Grayson Allen's nose tonight