The Bengals Don't Deserve A Super Bowl Since They Are Still Upset That Evan McPherson Stayed On The Field To Watch The Halftime Show

[Source] - Darrin Simmons, didn’t mince words to The Athletic when he recently discussed McPherson’s decision to stay behind rather than return to the locker room with the rest of the team.

“That’s a sore subject,” Simmons said. “That’s a real sore subject.”

Simmons added how long snapper Clark Harris also took in the halftime show from the best seat in the house at SoFi Stadium but avoided the cameras, unlike McPherson.

We're joking here right? It's a sore subject your kicker stayed on the field to watch a halftime show? The hell is McPherson going to do in the locker room? Nothing. He's a kicker! Not like he gave up all the pressure trying to protect Joe Burrow. Not like he gave up the game-winning touchdown. He was legit perfect at his job. Didn't miss a field goal or extra point. He was also money in the playoffs. So who cares if this is what he looked like during halftime? 

If it's someone who is on the line or a receiver or whatever, I get it. It's not a great look then. But a kicker literally has one job. Make field goals and extra points, maybe put the ball in the end zone on kickoffs. He's pretty good at his job and it's not like you can coach him up in the locker room. A coach probably doesn't even acknowledge a kicker in the locker room. There's zero chance the Bengals coaching staff knew he wasn't there until the pictures and videos came out. 

You know what? The Bengals don't deserve a Super Bowl after this. I was ready to say they deserved one. The way that offense played. The defense stepped up. Their fans are desperate. But not anymore. Not when you get mad at a kicker and act like he committed some heinous act. 'A sore subject.' Fuck outta here dude. He watched the halftime show. Maybe learn to protect Joe Burrow.