Jon Rahm Is One Of Us, Misses A 10 Inch Tap In

It's always nice to see the best players in the world struggle just as much as the rest of us who get out there on the weekend and hack our way to a nice comfy 97. Doesn't matter if you're a Major Champion or you've lost every 5-5-5 you've ever played. The game will fuck you regardless. I suppose the only difference between Jon Rahm and the rest of us is that we've never had to putt out a 10 incher. Anything inside 6' is a gimme in my book. "You had the right line, just not the right speed. Good by me. Net bogey? I swear I saw you hit 3 off the tee but okay. Let's get the cart girl back over here". 

At the end of the day, that is why you should always just gas the shit out of your putts and not give a damn about dialing in that speed. It's always better to give it a good run than to leave it short. At least that way you can play it off like you've been hitting the gym too much instead of your 3 buddies calling you a big ol' P-word for the rest of the round. 

Speaking of one of us...