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A Fifth-Tier Soccer Team In England Made Such A Cinderella Run That Everton Paid For Their Jerseys And Travel For Today's Match

[Source] - EVERTON have funded a special kit for Boreham Wood ahead of their FA Cup tie at Goodison Park. The National League side have reached the fifth round of the cup for the first time in their history.

Unfortunately, Boreham Wood will not be able to use the kit again as black kits cannot be worn in the National League due to a clash with the match officials.

Boreham Wood manager Luke Garrard is grateful for the gesture, he said: "Credit to Everton.

"They've purchased our kit and put on our travel and overnight stay on the day of the game. They've been absolutely class.'

Who says you can't be romantic about soccer or sports? This is awesome. Mostly because it's March and everyone is already overusing the term Cinderella, but here we are. The FA Cup is in the fifth round and we have Boreham Wood, a fifth-tier league team making it that far. Boreham Wood is in the same league as Wrexham, owned by Mac and Ryan Reynolds. Needless to say they are the smallest team to make it this far this season. Just for clarity sake, the 5th round is the Sweet 16. Pretty good! 

So now they go to Everton to play a big bad Premier League team. Slight problem though since Boreham Wood couldn't wear their white jerseys because of a 'clash' with Everton's jerseys. Also couldn't wear their regular blue jerseys because it looks identical to Everton apparently. So what happens? Puma made a one-off jersey for Boreham Wood. Everton pays for it. Seems pretty nice. Maybe this is why Troopz always talks about it being a sport not a business. 

Not only did they pay for jerseys, Everton also paid for their hotel overnight. That may be a step too much for me if we're being honest. I don't want to lose to a fifth-tier team if I'm Everton. Fine, I'll pay for your travel but it's an old yellow school bus taking you here and you're staying at a Motel 6 by the highway. Maybe it's something called an Lodge and it's not in the best part of town. I'm not putting my opponent up at a nice hotel no matter how cool the story is. 

Jerseys are sick though. Now let's go get a win Boreham Wood.