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Luke Combs Might Be Out Of A Job If This Little Man Decides To Go On Tour

Some folks are just born to be entertainers. They know what the people want and they deliver every. single. time. 

This kid is one of those folks. Not even old enough to cross the street on his own, yet he knows how to work a stage like a guy who has been selling out arenas for years. You can't teach that. I mean how could you?

It's been a great few years for Luke Combs. He's arguably the biggest name in country music at the moment. But once this kid goes on tour, it's over. This little fella took Luke's song and made it his own. There's going to be an entire generation of fans who don't even realize "Beer Never Broke My Heart" is a Luke Combs song. 

The strut. The solo cup toss. Belting out every lyric with everything he has to give. This kid just has it. He'll be selling out daycares in no time.