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A Former Miss BumBum Says She Was Kicked Out of an Airbnb for Being 'Too Pretty'

We'd all like to believe we live in a world where prejudice and discrimination are a thing of the past. And while we have made strides in that direction over the decades, we still have a long, long way to go. For some of us, the struggle remains all too real. 

Source - A Playboy model claims she was kicked out of an Airbnb rental by a “prejudiced” host who suffers from “hot girl phobia.”

Brazilian bombshell Suzy Cortez, 31, reportedly splashed almost $1,000 on an apartment on the rental site in January so that she could visit family in São Paulo.

However, she alleged that she had stayed at the property for less than 48 hours before the male host kicked her out and threw her belongings in the trash — all because she was too good-looking. ...

According to Cortez, the host complained about her clothing – specifically, a pair of workout leggings – before he promptly canceled her booking on the second day. ... “The host simply said that I would have to leave the apartment because it was inhabited by familiar people and not like me. ...

“I was startled when the host entered the property I was in and took my belongings and threw them in the trash,” she declared. “He only came in because I suffer persecution for being too pretty.”

Cortez claimed there could be no other reason why the host ordered her out. ...

“Being me the victim of all this, why? Prejudice because I’m famous, or have been on the covers of Playboys all over the world?”

It might seem shocking to think that in 2022, we'd see housing discrimination against anyone on the basis of how pretty they are. But as Suzi Cortez' own experience makes all too clear, Hot Girl Phobia still exists. All our efforts to promote Playboy Cover Model Acceptance have not done enough. And we still have bigots like this Airbnb host judging people not on the content of their character, but by the sexiness of their leggings. 

Well it's time we stop giving lip service to this problem. Enough of the soft prejudice of claiming you don't judge people just because they're super attractive or saying things like "Some of my best friends are Miss BumBum contestants." The discrimination against sexually desirable people with perfect bodies is systemic. And until the rest of us uggos acknowledge we benefit from the same system that makes it hard for the gorgeous to get ahead in life, world renown Playboy models are going to continue to suffer this kind of treatment. 

So on behalf of all below average looking people, I stand with Suzi Cortez. Stop the hate. Until impossibly beautiful people are free, none of us are truly free.