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It Took Less Than 24 Hours For Rick Pitino To Publicly Tell Maryland To Stop Dreaming Of Him Being Their Head Coach

Well there it is. Yesterday there were rumors that donors were going to meet with Rick Pitino and some potential talks of him being their head coach. Hey, I get it. Maryland needs to save the program. That's not an exaggeration. The fans are currently apathetic and barely showing up to games. They need a coach that can win - mostly in March - and draw up some interest again. Rick Pitino is a top-5 coach in the history of the game. Pretty simple math that he'd be able to win at Maryland too, even if it was just for 5 years or whatever he wanted to coach because of his age. 

It does seem weird that Pitino is going to stay at Iona but it's really starting to feel that way. When he took the job it felt like he just wanted to get back in the college game and eventually take over a big program again. But now he keeps publicly saying he doesn't want specific jobs. Maybe if Maryland was still in the ACC it'd be different. Maybe not. Maybe I just have some nostalgia after watching 8 episodes of the ACC Tournament documentary. 

It was always a dream for Maryland fans to land Pitino. They are just desperate for anyone not like Turg at all and Pitino is about as far away from Turg as possible. To me it's simple. The top 2 guys they need to make say no are Sean Miller and Andy Enfield. You're clearly not getting Pitino and Maryland isn't landing one of these amazing blue blood coaches. Miller had interest before in Maryland, go try and get him now. I'll always say that he won't get the credit he deserves because he lost 3 Elite Eights and doesn't have that Final Four on his resume. Enfield is from the area, took USC to an Elite Eight last year, took Dunk City to the Sweet 16 and can recruit. He's built USC into a respectable program he should be able to be more successful at Maryland.