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This NYC Garbage Man Might Be, Pound For Pound, The Best Shooter In The World

Same exact vibes as the old LeBron Powerade commercial.

The effortless release, the perfect form every time, the impossible distance to clear with a flick of the wrist(s), those are the same two videos far as I can discern.

Steph Curry shoots the same sized and weighted ball into the same sized hoop on the same length and width court every time he goes out there. The lack of variables is actually astounding when you think of it in those terms. This sanitation worker? He’s dealing with different size bags, bags filled with all sorts of widths and weights, rats wrestling in and around the bags scrounging  for morsels of pizza to bring back to the sewers to feed their teenage turtle sons, there are a million variables at play here. And he’s still finding the bottom of the net with no problem.  That!/ why I’m giving him the nod as the pound for pound best shooter alive.