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"What The FUCK Is An NFT?" - Tyler, The Creator Took A Big, Steaming Dump On The Very Concept Of NFTs

Everyone, literally everyone, who says they don't understand NFTs goes on to exactly describe what they are. Which, in the vast majority of cases up to this point, is nothing more than a massive scam. That "monkey in a Supreme hoodie" damn sure isn't worth the $27 million dollars it was reportedly sold for. You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it. And it's high time someone in a position of influence called it out rather than just get in on the scam themselves. 

People were pissed at Sacramento Kings guard De'Aaron Fox for pulling the plug on his NFT project a few weeks back after pocketing $1.5 million.

I, too, am upset with De'Aaron. Not because he scammed people out of $1.5 million. But that he could ONLY scam people out of $1.5 million. Ditto Lana Rhodes. 

Rug-pulls and NFT projects go together like lamb and tunafish. You simply cannot have one without the other. Oh man you got a Doug McDermott bounce pass from his game against the Pistons on NBA Top Shot? Tell your boss to go fuck himself because that private island you always wanted just paid for itself! 

I get the desire for decentralization. I understand in the future there may be more practical applications for crypto and NFTs and the like. Right now? 2022? Scam is putting it nicely. Go touch grass before they make outside permanently illegal and Meta Grass is the closest we get to an autumn breeze ever again.